We receive this question at least once a day. We would like to provide insight, hints, and other tools to address this commonly asked question. First, please keep in mind that your bill is based on last month’s usage of power. If we have several days or a week of extremely hot temperatures running your AC will cause your bill to be higher. Remember to check the settings on your AC. Ensure it’s not too low, and it’s not continuously running as these items could contribute to more power usage.

Humans are creatures of habit. It is important to look at your usage in previous years. If your power usage is close to how much you have used in previous years months, it is fair to say you will be utilizing about the same this year. Please keep in mind the weather and any changes to your home will affect the numbers as well. Adding an EV charger or air source heat pump will also increase your power usage.

If you want to understand all the numbers on your bill, please visit the Reading Your Bill page. Take your cursor and hover over the sections of the bill if you would like further explanation.

Please note that we are always here to answer any questions. Take advantage of the home energy audit you can request from Mass Save if you have natural gas in your home. Merrimac Light staff are here Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 4:00pm to answer questions as well. We are working every day to provide you with safe, reliable, low-cost energy. On average your electric bill is 40% less than National Grid. Utilizing these suggested tips will aid in reducing your usage, and ultimately, your bill.

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