Sign up for InvoiceCloud Paperless with Autopay and we will reimburse you for the .50 fee for 11 months on your first Autopay bill ( you must sign up for both). After 11 months Merrimac will pay that .50 monthly fee.

InvoiceCloud is simply a new and more convenient way for you to pay your bill if you choose to use this option. You will have the opportunity to utilize multiple ways to pay either by ACH Debit/Credit, Debit Card, Credit Card, Venmo, PayPal or Apple Pay, the list is endless. We are making this available to help you, the customer, and to make your busy lives just that little bit easier and less stressed.

If you choose to have your bills sent by mail, we will honor your wishes. With the increase cost of paper and postage and the issues surrounding delivery of mail on time, Merrimac Light Department encourages you to explore the paperless option being offered in your September bill. We want you to know that the option of choosing this method of receiving your bill is your choice. With rising costs from paper, postage, ink, labor, fuel, and power purchase, we hope that you will assist us in saving money by registering for InvoiceCloud.

However, paying online does save the light department significant money. We save on average $2.00 per bill if you use the paperless, autopay option. Also, when you choose to the sign-up for the paperless, autopay option, we are offering onetime $5.50 savings until December 1. This savings will amount to 11 months free of ACH or electronic check fees. If you signup for the initial autopay offer, after 11 months the echeck fee is $0.50 per transaction. If there are significant amount of participants in the paperless, autopay option, we will review the ability to eliminate the $0.50 fee in the future.