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Dear Tenant,

As a renter in Merrimac, we are writing to inform you of our need for your assistance. Merrimac Light Department is working to ensure that when you leave your rental unit there are no additional charges coupled with your bill. Therefore, we are requesting your assistance in ensuring that the account reverts to the landlord until the unit is occupied again.

Therefore, we require your assistance. We are lacking landlord information for your unit. If you could please provide the following information and send it back to the Light Department, we would be extremely appreciative. Please note that if you do not have all the information, any information is greatly appreciated.

Landlord Information

Providing this information will assist MMLD in updating our books to ensure that the electric rates are charged to the correct individual, especially when you end your lease.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the office at 978-317-3434. Please send this information to or fill out the information online.

Mary Usovicz
General Manager