We did it! We reached our goal of paperless and autopay customers. Those individuals that sign up after February 1st to go paperless and autopay will no longer be charged $0.50 for ACH.

That’s right, to pay by ACH with autopay will cost you nothing – but you need to sign up for paperless and autopay to get this great deal.

Why Sign Up for Paperless Billing and AutoPay?

  • Never miss the 10% discount for on-time payments
  • The bill you receive in the mail will always be available online the first of the month. You can always print your bill for your records if you prefer having a paper copy.
  • Postage has gone up to $0.63 and now no charge for paying with check
  • Don’t know how to register for paperless and autopay? No problem! Call 978-346-8311 and one of our friendly staff members will gladly do all of the data entry.
  • Sit back, relax, and save money. No hassle, no concerns, your electric bill is in good hands.